WordPress, Drupal, Django, and the ongoing search for the ultimate web development framework

As promised in my last post, I’d like to take some time today to rant about WordPress. ¬†Actually, let’s not rant today. Rather, I will gently share some of my thoughts about the platform, and talk a bit about my experiences with other web development platforms as a backdrop, while musing upon the merits of each:

I’ve used WordPress plenty of times over the years for basic blog sites, like this one and this one, and I think it’s a great platform for simple blogs that work out of the box without having to learn much or write any code. ¬†But I’d never considered it a full-fledged content management system, and wouldn’t think to use it for anything other than the most basic site with only a few static pages and a news or blog section. Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog about code.

Here, I will share various solutions to problems I encounter in my ongoing battle against the machines, as well as opinions and poorly formed rants.

This blog is powered by WordPress, which will coincidentally serve as the ideal topic for my first poorly formed rant, soon to follow.